Drain Cleaning Services

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It’s easy to take the drains for granted, but without proper drainage your home is in jeopardy. Drainage needs to be kept open, and we are your drain experts.

  • Clogged toilets or drains – may require a relatively simple clean-out, though they could be symptoms of more serious issues. Our plumbers will easily determine which it is
  • Clogged shower – frequently caused by hair build-ups, though it could be something else, particularly in multi-unit buildings
  • Clog removal – we use modern power snakes for drain cleaning in residential and commercial buildings
  • Perimeter drain tile cleaning – also known as weeping tile or French drains, these need a good power flush periodically to protect the foundation
  • Drain tile installation and replacement – whether for new construction or existing buildings, we have the latest technology in drain tile installation, service and repair
  • Root removal – tree roots can play havoc with, or even destroy drain and sewer lines. If you notice slow draining you should have us check it out immediately to avoid a worsening situation
  • Basement drains – can back-up for a number of reasons. Our expertise in both plumbing and restoration means we quickly identify the source
  • Sump pumps – vital in removing ground water from basements. We sell, install and service all makes and types of sump pumps
  • Laundry room drains – subject to build-up of detergent and dirt residues. Call us if your washer is slow to drain or if you notice water or suds coming up through the floor drain

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service

We provide prompt professional emergency plumbing and drainage service, from Horseshoe Bay to Surrey, Richmond to Port Moody, any time of day all year long. Within moments of receiving your call we dispatch the closest man in the field with a fully stocked truck to your residence or place of business. For more serious situations involving flooding, we have a pumper truck on standby at all times.

Avoid Costly Repairs

A neglected drain system is a disaster waiting to happen. We would much rather maintain your drainage system than to have to go to the lengths and costs of a restoration due to flooding. Should water appear in your basement, the sooner you have it addressed the better. Problems can be prevented with regular maintenance, and we recommend having your perimeter drain system inspected and serviced every 3 – 5 years.

Call us to set up an inspection and maintenance schedule that will keep your plumbing and drainage system in top condition.

Our company is built on integrity and honest customer service delivered by a great team of experienced professionals. Our rates are competitive, we are fully insured and do not charge overtime or travel costs for emergency service.

How to Replace a Bathtub Drain Stopper

Call us to set up an inspection or a maintenance schedule to keep your drains in top condition.