Plumbing Specialists

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Our experienced plumbers will take care of any plumbing situation with consideration for your needs.

  • Frozen or burst pipes – Yes, we do occasionally have to deal with frozen pipes in the Vancouver area. We can repair or replace damaged pipes with a minimum of disruption
  • Leaky faucet – It may be just a drip, but a single dripping faucet wastes thousands of liters of water in a year. Our competitive rates mean you don’t have to put off small repairs
  • Garburator issues – No matter what the make of your garbage disposal unit, we have the parts and the expertise to get it back in working order quickly
  • Sewage back-flow – Our decades of experience in restoration services have given us the know-how to identify and deal with the myriad of problems that can result from a sewer back-up
  • Septic system issues – We offer full septic system servicing, including pump-out, repairs, new installations and technical advice
  • Installations & upgrades – We are Vancouver’s experts when it comes to plumbing installation in new homes or commercial buildings and upgrades to existing facilities
  • Washing machine hoses – Talk to us about the advantages and low cost of stainless steel, braided water supply hoses for your laundry and dish washing machines
  • Water pressure testing – High water pressure coming into your home or place of business puts you at risk of a pipe burst and flood. It’s not as uncommon as some people think.

Keeping The Plumbing Healthy

There are four main categories of plumbing services: inspections, maintenance, repairs and emergencies

Looking after the first two will almost guarantee you never have to call us for the last two. In general, repairs and – especially – emergencies are more expensive than regular maintenance. That does not take into account the interruptions and inconveniences to your personal or business life that comes with a Vancouver plumbing system failure.

Our decades of experience have shown that regular maintenance is the best way to ensure a problem-free plumbing system and peace of mind. If your plumbing hasn’t been inspected in more than a year, call us to have it checked out.

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services

  • Drain inspection with video camera – It’s never good to ignore a slow drain, and this is the best way to identify the cause so it can be dealt with before things get worse
  • Root removal from sewer drains – We use various methods to mitigate damage to drains caused by tree roots, from root saws to eco-friendly chemical treatment
  • Re-piping – When it’s necessary we offer options tailored to your needs including epoxy relining or no-dig drain pipe replacement to avoid tearing up lawns and to save money
  • Drain tile repair – The integrity of your building’s foundation depends on healthy drain tiles. If you notice moisture in your basement or cracks in the foundation, call us right away

We hope you never have a plumbing emergency, but if you do, we are the right company to call. Prompt emergency repair is our top priority.

Our qualified plumbers are equipped with everything necessary to resolve almost any plumbing emergency on the first visit. In the event of flooding we have a modern pumper truck on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As our name WetWork Plumbing and Restoration implies, we are a full restoration team capable of taking care of the most severe plumbing problem or drain damage.

How Plumbing Looks Behind the Scenes