Cleaning Heating Vents in Your Home

Cleaning the heating vents or as many people like to call them… ducts, enhances the quality of air in the home. Dirty vents; keep the occupants in a home at a constant danger of contracting respiratory complications.

Therefore, furnace ducts or furnace vents should always stay clean so that the homeowner can protect himself and the other occupants from the following health hazards.

Health Hazards in Dirty Heating Ducts

To begin with, dirty ducts pollute the air inside the home. Once there is air pollution, the occupants are at risk of contracting numerous illnesses. Unbelievably, 50 percent of all diseases come from polluted air inside the house. Add that to the fact that about 60 to 90 percent of people spend most of their time in the house while with the windows and doors closed for the better part of the day, and you see how, unclean heating vents can easily lead to health problems. Dirty vent ducts also expose people to allergies due to the constant exposure to fungi and other pathogens. Therefore, this explains why many people suffer from respiratory illnesses.

Actually, seniors in a residential home with dirty ducts increases their chances of contracting Asthma, which means that such people would remain safer outdoors rather than indoors. Apart from seniors, children breathe faster, inhale more air in very breath they take, and they spend a lot of time close to the ground heightening their chances of catching illnesses associated with untidy ducts. Fortunately, homeowners can avoid such problems and illnesses by cleaning the ducts to keep the air fresh after every five years, the maximum time required before you call a duct cleaning company. The best way to remedy dust build-up is to hire a heating or furnace repair company Kelowna who can also clean the vents.

Central Heating Vents

Fundamentally, this system is usually placed in one specific part of the house to supply warmth to all the other rooms inside the house or office. To provide the heat, the central system uses furnace vents. The heat ducts play a major role by providing the entire house with warm and clean air especially during cold seasons thereby giving the homeowner a better alternative as compared to heating the home using logs, coal and other fuels. However, to ensure that the warmth produced does not pose any threat to the health of the occupants; homeowners must clean the vents regularly.

Another area to consider when getting this type of service done is the dryer vent for your laundry machine. With constant use the dryer accumulates lint that can easily catch fire thus you should consider regular dryer vent cleaning. In fact, of all the elements in this kind of system, a plugged dryer stands out as a fire hazard.


Duct cleaning for central heating vents helps in keeping the house safe from health and fire hazard. Homeowners who cannot find time for cleaning can hire a professional cleaner. Overall, a residential home with clean furnace ducts offers a safe environment to the occupants in all seasons. Therefore, ensure that you clean your system regularly.